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Sometimes even I can’t say “No” to a women’s party. That is how we ended up at Mariela Skenderova’s atelier. Mariela designs the shoes and bags under the respective brands of Mangoshee and Kiera. So just like that, we were holding a glass of wine among shoes, bags, ribbons and other beautiful things.

What are Mangoshee and Kipra

Mangoshee and Kipra are Bulgarian brands of urban shoes and bags. Almost entirely made by hand, extremely colourful and functional. If you have seen them once, you will not forget them, I guarantee.

Life is always better with new shoes…

Especially when we are talking about unique, handmade and based on your own idea of how you want them to look shoes. A month later I received my own special Mangoshee in a beautiful box. It wasn’t easy to set my mind on a design – the yellow or the pink ones, cut out like embroidery or not; with green, purple or brown ribbon or with a button. Ended up with a ribbon and a button! I think we all changes our minds about five times just because once you see them you want them all. I tried out every single shoe in the atelier that fit my foot!


Are they comfortable? – I find them comfortable. I like flats and the rubber is really soft. There are soles that isolate and soften the touch with the ground. The Mangoshees are not giving me blisters, like some 70% of the new shoes I get. I wear them with stockings for the winter but I will also try them bare food in the spring and we will see.

What are people’s reactions? – I wore them two times and all eyes were on my feet. There was even a reaction that went like: “Oh, so these are the Mangoshee!” – I had already posted about it on social media. :)

You must be kidding! These are colourful galoshes! – No, I am super serious. At least, as serious as I can be about yellow shoes with a dotted ribbon on top! Living in a city like Sofia (dirty and muddy all the time) I can appreciate cute rubber shoes that are light on my feet and easy to clean.

Does the brand offer wellies? – No. Mangoshee is made in Bulgaria, but unfortunately, no one still makes rubber boots here.

Are they appropriate for the Winter? – as long as there isn’t deep snow and too much mud, yes they are. You can wear them with fancy socks or tights.

Can I order now to have them for Christmas? – only Mariela could answer this, but you can still make an arrangement to take a look and choose from the ready to buy shoes and bags. Check out the website and the Facebook and contact her!

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